During the 2017 CTO Conference – Making Headway, many volunteers, staff and service providers were recognised for their contribution to the community transport sector through nominations at the Gala Dinner Awards.

While all the winners and nominees deserve recognition for their commitment and service to their local community, CTO today profile one of these winners.

Why? Because we want to encourage you to nominate your staff, your volunteers and your organisation for the work you do in your local community. It’s a very simple but powerful gift for those people who work for you, so that your organisation can continue to help others.

Winner of 2017 CTO Volunteer of the Year award, Marjorie Robertson.

For 30 years, volunteer of Tablelands Community Transport, Marjorie Robertson has dedicated her time and energy to help passengers travel in comfort and safety, acting as a carer on shopping access buses to main shopping centres and back again.

The 94-year-old is dedicated, loyal, reliable and has a definite ‘can do’ attitude towards life.

Marjorie is thoughtful and understanding and can relate well to those of all age groups. The valued support and dedication Marjorie offers Tablelands Community Transport clients’ does not go unnoticed, she receives regular positive feedback from clients who all say what an asset Marjorie is that she is such an asset to the service.  

Marjorie has made quick work of training new drivers on their bus routes and passes on the individual needs of clients to new drivers to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Marjorie is an amazing advocate and promoter for the service.

She has a wicked sense of humour and often has those on the bus in fits of laughter. This is reflected back on the passengers who use the service.

In addition to her volunteer career, Marjorie has spent several years on the Tablelands Community Transport Advisory committee. Because of her dedicated service, Marjorie was awarded NSW volunteer of the Year senior finalist for the New England/ Northern Inland regions.  Marjorie Robertson is an exceptional woman and a model citizen. Marjorie has given back to her community in abundance and enjoys doing so.

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